December 1, 2015

Ten everyday symptoms of any disease

Celebrities, artists, writers and singers, all can stay blank before an event with the person we love. This is not indicative of disease, so that only when the symptom becomes chronic so call your doctor, who will determine whether physiological or pathological.

Frequency drift acceptance. We must learn to live with it. Knowing how they are produced. Follow the advice that helps restrict and “before falling into self-medication, consult a doctor.

Genetics and emotional balance are the most common sources. Poor is the control that can develop on our feelings. Fewer still can influence the physiology of the human body, whose reactions are ahead ourselves. With the cortical part of the brain we see one thing, the process and give you an answer, but no other party can’t avoid.

Frequent and unannounced symptoms you should know:

Sinus tachycardia is a body’s response to certain types of stress, in which 100 beats per minute are exceeded. After some time, heart rate stabilizes, so it is not recommended to use beta blockers, given its side effects.

Sweating. The release of water is part of the human mechanism, born with between 2.5 to 4 million glands to maintain its temperature. Alcohol, exercise or caffeine are often the cause of awkward social situations, for which we recommend increasing hygiene, use handkerchiefs or resort to psychological treatment.

Flatulence. Most of them between 7 to 20 can be controlled. Sometimes this is not possible. The only advice to avoid this situation is through a healthy diet low in vegetables, starch and lactose.

Blush. The flushing, momentary and uncontrollable, often a response to an emotion, social phobia or disease. There is no specific treatment, but when fear of having it limits daily life, you can resort to psychological therapy.

Beer over fear. Emotional balance is the origin of the need to urinate without desire and, most times, to no avail. It is recommended to go to the bathroom before times of stress relaxation measurements and in the latter case, the use of pads.

Hoarseness-dysphonia. Our voice is unique. However, sometimes the snuff, cold or fear of public speaking (phonophobia), make it less ours. Is the time when hoarseness, related to the movement of the vocal cords, and dysphonia, fruit mucosal lesions appear. Knowing the causes and avoid when speaking in public, is the best course of action.

Cramping. This crampy abdominal pain, with variable intensity and duration, usually has its origin in the irritable bowel syndrome. The non-synchronous colonic spasm, increased intestinal hypersecretion rate and water are its characteristics. When defecate or pass gas does not solve the problem and the pain continues, visit your doctor.

Dry mouth. While we were producing 34,000 liters of liquid during our life, there are moments when we do not feel even a drop of 1.5 liters we generate daily. Stress tends to get dry mouth, making it difficult to talk, chew or swallow. So relax, drink water, eat mints or chewing gum may help solve the problem.

Snoring. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and sleep alone. With these words explained the philosopher Anthony Burgess sound effects caused by the vibration of the soft crashing against the back wall of the pharynx palate.

Behind the 60 decibel snoring can be caused by obesity, alcohol or short jaw. In front of hundreds of people’s councils, the effectiveness has only been demonstrated with anti-snoring drugs or the use of mandibular advancement splints.

Physiological tremor. Fear. Stress. Anxiety. Our psychological state usually determines the 6 to 12 oscillations per second of hands, legs, or neck that lead to statements like “I am trembling with fear.” Avoid stimulants such as sugar or coffee is usually sufficient, however, if it is not, you can turn to anxiety or beta-blockers.

Our body is a perfect machine. Sometimes its reactions involve us a social or family prejudice, but are part of our essence. Most of them are not being related to a disease, facing from a calm and positive personal attitude.

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